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You will find the spare parts in our alphabetical overview. Just click on the relating first letter.

It is possible that we have not put a spare part in our catalog. But we are able to deliver it for sure. Contact us if that case occurs.

The catalog with all its parts is available as a PDF-document.
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Sealing profiles
Sealing rings
Sealings for floor ducts
Sealings made of rubber and other materials
Shut-off dampers to DIN standards
Side flaps for cladding of carriages
Sleeves for brake cylinders
Sliding pad
Sliding pad for draw-bar guide
Sliding protection valve
Solenoid valves
Spraying of passenger carriages
Spring casings and sliding pads
Spring washers
Springs as per sample or drawing
Sprung flaps
Standard parts as per drawings or samples
Suspension ring stones
Suspension rings