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You will find the spare parts in our alphabetical overview. Just click on the relating first letter.

It is possible that we have not put a spare part in our catalog. But we are able to deliver it for sure. Contact us if that case occurs.

The catalog with all its parts is available as a PDF-document.
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Cast parts of all kinds such as: axle-box covers,
brake discs, brake blocks, pivot bearings, bogie pivots etc

Castellated nuts

Catchment clamps

Ceiling dome sealings

Complete braking systems

Compression components of all kinds

Compression levers for carbon brush fixings

Compression springs

Compressors (new/used)

Connecting rods with coil and lug

Connectors for coil-sprung spigots

Containers for air filters

Control valves

Crank handles

Current rectifiers

Current transformers

Current transformers and current rectifier

Cylindrical roller bearing